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How do I know I can trust Statewide Roofing?
  1. We have earned the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau
  2. We offer testimonials and recommendations from hundreds of current customers. Check the testimonials page on this site.
  3. We’ve been doing business since 1987, and though we’ve expanded across the country, we’re still a family-owned business.
  4. Our 21-point inspection is the most thorough in the industry — you can trust our results and expect a repair that meets your highest standards.
How can I get a free quote?
  1. Give us a call at 1-844-99ROOFING 1-844-997-6634 or schedule an appointment through the link on this website.
  2. Our certified inspectors will arrive on time and provide a comprehensive quote based on our 21-point inspection.
  3. We’ll discuss every available option for your particular roofing needs and give you a no-pressure estimate that you can keep for review.
  4. We’ll be available to answer any questions and to assist you in making your decision.
  5. When you’ve decided, we’ll draw up a written contract to finalize the job description, scheduling, and budget.
I got lower estimates from other roofing companies. What’s the difference?
  1. Statewide Roofing uses a thorough inspection to fix not only the visible problems, but also potential problems and design flaws. We use premium materials and experienced crews. You’re getting a guaranteed roof, freedom from stress and headaches, and our assurance that the job is done right.
What can I expect when I agree to a contract with Statewide?
  1. Our crews and installers arrive on time to your site.
  2. We demand professionalism from every member of our team. We strive to take care of every aspect of the job so that you have no worries while we’re working. We stay in touch with the insurance company, schedule work around your timeline, and finish the job as quickly as possible while still maintaining the highest quality standards.